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Bellagio faces accusations of employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Many people in Colorado who think about the Bellagio hotel may associate it with hospitality and luxury at its finest. A former employee of the billion dollar resort claims that she was not given the same respectable treatment as the guests. She has filed a lawsuit against the hotel, accusing it of mistreatment and employment discrimination based on her legally protected statuses.

The woman began working for MGM Resorts in 1995 as a cage cashier. The plaintiff claims that after so many years with the company that she wanted to try for a promotion. She purportedly told management about her intentions, but never was able to get promoted. She apparently began to suffer harassment from her former supervisor after she made her intentions known.

The plaintiff — who happens to be Filipino — purports that her boss would make condescending remarks about her national origin and make comments segregating her from her co-workers. To put an end to the harassment, the woman reported the incident to human resources, but allegedly faced retaliation instead. She had apparently requested some paid time off six months in advance to handle some things outside the country for her family, but her request was denied. Allegedly, her request was denied because she had not specifically indicated that having the time off was urgent.

After the plaintiff reportedly developed carpal tunnel, she sought treatment outside the country, but when she came back she was suspended and terminated. She is accusing the Bellagio of employment discrimination. Aggrieved Colorado workers in similar situations have the legal right to file claims against their employers. Based on proof of the alleged discrimination, the claimants may be awarded financial relief, reinstatement — when warranted — and any other redress a civil court deems just.

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