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Former Zara worker files a $40M employment discrimination claim

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

The former general counsel for Zara USA has filed a complaint against the clothier. The clothing chain was recently in the news for selling shirts that were considered anti-Semitic. Shoppers in Colorado and elsewhere may be highly discouraged after they hear the most recent employment discrimination allegations.

The plaintiff claimed that upper management commonly used racial epithets. This type of language was apparently also used in emails. He alleges that he opened emails that contained racist portrayals of prominent political figures.

The former executive says that he kept his Jewish heritage a secret because of the company’s opinion of his heritage. A new paralegal was aware of the plaintiff’s heritage and mentioned it to company executives. He claims that, from this point forward, the discrimination became worse.

The plaintiff claims that his base pay and bonuses decreased. Furthermore, he felt that he was under more direct scrutiny and was isolated from the rest of his co-workers. One of his co-workers also began to act inappropriately because the plaintiff is homosexual and would talk about the size of his penis. This behavior allegedly also extended to the plaintiff’s partner. The partner apparently received a picture of a tattooed penis from one of the plaintiff’s co-workers with the explanation that he had been trying to persuade the plaintiff to get a tattoo as well.

Allegedly, the plaintiff complained about the employment discrimination and the harassment, but nothing changed. The plaintiff asserts that he was fired after it became known that he was intending to sue. He is seeking $40 million for his claim. Colorado workers should not be subjected discriminatory behavior based on their protected status characteristics. Those who are aggrieved can choose to move forward to file claims against their employers

Source: New York Daily News, “Former lawyer for Zara accuses clothing chain’s executives of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia in discrimination suit“, Barbara Ross, June 3, 2015