Almost 50% of LGBTQ workers have faced workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | blog, retaliation, workplace discrimination

LGBTQs workers employed in Colorado or another part of the United States face an elevated chance of experiencing discrimination on the job. Studies show that almost half of all LGBTQ workers have faced discrimination at work at some point during their professional lives.

NBC News reports that one out of every 10 LGBTQ workers also faced some sort of on-the-job discrimination within the past year. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law arrived at these findings after surveying 935 LGBTQ employees across the nation.

Survey findings for all LGBTQ workers

Survey results revealed that 46% of LGBTQ workers faced discrimination at work due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Some said they had experienced layoffs or job denials as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Many also said they did not get jobs or promotions because of who they loved or how they identified.

Survey findings for LGBTQ workers of color

Survey findings also revealed that LGBTQ employees of color are more frequent victims of work-related discrimination. While 18% of all LGBTQ workers said they had lost out on a job during their careers because of how they identified, 29% of LGBTQ employees of color said the same. LGBTQ workers of color are also more likely to experience verbal harassment at work, with 36% of LGBTQ workers of color saying they have experienced it compared to 26% of white LGBTQ workers.

There are laws in place preventing most employers from discriminating against workers due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Employers that do so may face serious legal repercussions.