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Do employers have to accommodate all disability requests?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Discrimination

A job is a cornerstone to a financially stable life for most Denver residents. While some individuals may be independently wealthy and may have access to financial help outside of work, many people need a job to pay their bills, support their families, and enjoy themselves when they have the time. Finding a job can be hard for individuals with disabilities, and their struggles can be compounded by the wrongful acts of discriminator employers.

Once a disabled worker has a job, though, it does not mean that their workplace struggles will end. Discrimination against disabled workers is unfortunately common, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) offers them some protections from discriminatory and retaliatory actions. One protection that the ADA provides to disabled workers is access to reasonable accommodations to do their work. This post will examine reasonable accommodations and what employers must do to stay compliant with the ADA.

What is a reasonable accommodation under the ADA?

For many disabled workers, accommodations can make a world of difference between struggling to complete their tasks and excelling at their work responsibilities. When an employer has a worker with a known disability, that employer must provide their worker with reasonable accommodations to support their job performance.

Accommodations can vary based on the needs and disabilities of workers. It is important that workers and employers talk about what may accommodate a worker in their job and that employers do not make assumptions about what will and will not work. Additionally, employers do not have to provide accommodations that would impose undue hardships on them in order to accommodate disabled employees.

Addressing disability and accommodations in the workplace

The right to accommodation is protected under the ADA, and workers who meet resistance from their employers to implement accommodations may have legal claims for relief. Employers with questions about accommodating their disabled employees can discuss their concerns with employment law attorneys. The ADA and other anti-discrimination laws can be complicated and legal advice from knowledgeable attorneys can make sense of otherwise difficult workplace issues.