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Successful wage and hour claims could bring backlogged pay

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | wage and hour claims

For every hour a person is working, it is another hour not spent with family, friends or leisure. As such, every worker is entitled to the pay they have earned. For some, pay can get complicated when figuring in overtime or other unusual hours.

For some workers, they do not initially receive the correct hourly wage for overtime or even for regular hourly wages. Whether the correct wage was not calculated correctly, it was not paid per employer decision or for some other reason, all employees are to be paid the correct wage. Some wage issues are due to a misclassification of salary wages when a person should, in fact, be paid hourly and thus, qualify for overtime, if such overtime is worked by the employee.

It is important to understand that employers do not have all the power. Employees, both salary and hourly employee, have rights under employment law. At The Litigation Boutique, LLC, it is important that we fight for our client’s employment rights in wage and hour claims. This includes any backlogged or incorrect pay that resulted in lost or unpaid wages.

In recent years, employees have gained more legal protections than they ever have had in the past. Nonexempt employees, also known as hourly workers, are protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act (also known as FLSA). The FLSA ensures that employees are paid appropriately for their work. This attempts to hold employers accountable for paying the appropriate minimum wage, as well as overtime, to ensure everyone is paid fair wages and employees are not taken advantage of by their employers.