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Race discrimination in the workplace: what to look for

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Discrimination

Thinking back to how far equality has come for all types of different people, it’s almost hard to imagine that discrimination still happens in the workplace. However, with so many different people working in a work environment, some people can’t handle it. Discrimination in the workplace is not a legitimate or allowable behavior. If you feel you have experienced discrimination, here’s what to look out for.

There could be several ways that a person’s race could be held against them. Beyond outright admission by an employer, discrimination could be detected based on an employer’s previous hiring or firing decisions. If minorities are continually interviewed and not selected, or if minorities are always passed over for a job promotion, these patterns could indicate discrimination. Also, it’s possible that discrimination could be happening with the employer being unawares.

How could they be unaware of such a thing? It’s possible that an employer could have hiring practices, tests, or workplace policies that single out or have a greater effect on certain races. If these tests and hiring practices do not have a legitimate business purpose or are not properly validated, such practices could be considered racial discrimination. There are certain tests that can be demonstrated as to why an employer may be discriminating through their hiring practices, otherwise unawares.

Instances of discrimination in the workplace could be done by one person, a few people or even company-wide. Understanding that this can happen at the personal or the corporate level is key to understanding when and if discrimination occurred. This is because the behaviors will often appear differently, based on who is performing the discrimination and why. This is what to look out for and also who to look out for in terms of discriminatory practices.