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Workplace Discrimination Facts

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Discrimination

Have you been discriminated against at work? Here are some ways you could be discriminated against in the workplace:

• Denial of any benefits applicable to you as an employee

  • Derogatory comments by your supervisor about your age

• Different employment terms than co-workers in the same position class

• Reassignment or termination based on factors other than business need or employee performance

Limited Definition

It is important to remember that Colorado’s legal definition of discrimination in the workplace is limited to those who are in a protected class. According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, workers get legal protection from discrimination due to:

• Race, ethnicity or national origin

• Sex, sexual orientation or marital status

• Religion, creed or ancestry

• Being age 40 or older

• Disability

• Family status, which includes workers who are pregnant, attempting to adopt or gain custody of children, or having a minor child in your home

Also, to be able to sue an employer for unfair treatment, the discrimination that you experience must be based on your identity as a member of a protected class. For example, termination from a retail position due to low traffic at the store does not fit the legal definition of discrimination.

Complicated To Prove

Since it is a complicated matter to prove workplace discrimination legally, you owe it to yourself to get professional advice if you suspect you possibly are denied your full rights in the workplace. When you confront unfair treatment, you are giving yourself an opportunity to gain back your rights.

Discrimination can have a negative impact on your career mobility, your ability to earn an optimal wage, and your stress level. In time, it may even start to affect your health. If you believe you are the victim of discrimination, you don’t have to suffer in silence.