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Watch out for that at-will employment contract

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2017 | Employment Contracts

Most people are hired at at-will statuses. This is particularly true for those working in hourly positions. While this may be good for when a person wants to quit his or her job, it can also be bad in the fact that Colorado employers can then fire employees whenever they want. So, before taking that job, watch out for an at-will employment contract.

Many people think that to be fired from an at-will position they have to do something wrong in order for their employer to justify the firing. Unfortunately, this is not true. All but one state has laws protecting employers from legal action due to allegedly unfair firings.

Why take an at-will job? Some people do not even realize that they are at-will employees until they read their employee handbooks or take a closer look at their employment contracts. It may be possible to take an at-will job, but not sign the at-will contract. There are times when waiting to sign and working off verbal agreements will be in one’s best interests. Then, if a verbal agreement is broken, one may be entitled to take legal action.

No one really wants to pass up what seems like a good job over an at-will clause in an employment contract. However, before signing one’s life away, it is okay to take a minute, sit back and consider the consequences of signing. It is also okay for Colorado residents to seek the advice of legal counsel in order to have the contract reviewed and, if possible, re-negotiated.

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