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Wage and hour claim: Wage theft could affect Colorado workers

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Wage & Hour Law

Working hard in order to gain a steady income is a goal that many Colorado residents have in order to provide for themselves, and it can also make them feel a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, it can be disheartening when an employee discovers that he or she is not being properly compensated for the work being done. In some cases, a wage and hour claim may be warranted in order to pursue those owed wages.

It was recently reported that a situation in another state involved the theft of wages from multiple employees. The theft spanned multiple years and took place at a chain restaurant. According to reports, over 100 employees were affected and more than half a million dollars in wages were not paid. Due to the situation, legal action was taken.

Recently, a judge ruled on the case, and it was determined that the wages would be paid to the workers along with damages resulting from the situation. It was noted that one individual would be receiving over $60,000 in relation to the wage theft. In total, the company is required to repay over $1 million. 

Instances such as this one in which workers are cheated out of their rightfully earned wages can create a dismal work environment while also damaging a person’s ability to provide for him- or herself. If Colorado residents have been negatively affected due to wage theft, they may wish to consider filing a wage and hour claim of their own. Information on such action may help them determine whether the circumstances of their particular cases could warrant legal steps.

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