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Public sector unions across Colorado fight for protection

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Employment Contracts

Public employees who are union members in Colorado deserve protection, but   currently, labor rights are the subject of furious debate. Some state legislators have been  promoting new legislation that would make it harder for public employee union members to obtain additional rights. Collective bargaining rights are included in that list. Other legislators are fighting to preserve labor rights.

Many people believe that public workers in Colorado are responsible for ensuring that the state runs smoothly and that they deserve to be treated well and respectfully. Public workers are often faced with difficult and dangerous situations such as fires, disease and more. Presently, state law mandates that workers are allowed to form unions but they are not allowed to influence employment contracts without authorization from their employers or voters. That is known as collective bargaining.

The topics that would be negotiated

The types of issues that may be up for discussion are salary, safety, and work schedules. However, the workers’ hands are tied presently. In many cases, local lawmakers are in favor of the workers having the right to negotiate but the state law has not been passed as of yet to make that happen. There are some in opposition who believe that such a law would give the workers too much power and would go against the way that the state constitution is set up.

Solid legal representation for employment contracts

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