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What options do victims of sexual harassment have?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Sexual Harassment

There are several different options for victims of sexual harassment to consider. Victims of sexual harassment should be familiar with the legal options and protections available to them and what they can do about.

Report the sexual harassment

It is important for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace to know that they do not have to tolerate it and that it is illegal. Victims should report sexual harassment in their workplaces.

Follow company’s procedure

The sexual harassment victim’s employer should have a process for reporting sexual harassment and for handling claims of sexual harassment. The employee should follow the procedure in place for reporting the sexual harassment which may include who within the company they should report the sexual harassment to. The victim should keep a record of the actions they take reporting the sexual harassment.

File an administrative charge

The sexual harassment victim can file an administrative charge which is usually filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other appropriate government agency. If the sexual harassment complaint was unresolved, and is determined to be valid, the agency may issue a right to sue letter.


The sexual harassment victim may pursue litigation and remedies they may receive can include reinstatement of any lost job; back pay (multiplied by 3 times) if the victim lost money or had to forgo a raise; any fringe benefits lost; a requirement that the employer institute policies or training to stop the harassment; damages for emotional distress; and attorney’s fees or court costs.

It is beneficial for victims of sexual harassment to know about the legal recourse available to them. Sexual harassment victims have important rights which is why they should understand the process.