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A primer on quid pro quo sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Sexual Harassment

You would think that with all of the attention that sexual harassment has garnered over the last five years or so that it would be rooted out of workplaces across the country. The sad reality, though, is that sexual harassment continues to occur on a daily basis. Whether it occurs willfully or not, sexual harassment is unacceptable. It can have a profound impact on a victim’s life, which is why those who have been affected by sexual harassment need to do what they can to protect themselves and their careers.

What is quid pro quo sexual harassment?

One type of sexual harassment that is often seen in the workplace is quid pro quo sexual harassment. This type of harassment occurs in one of two ways. The first is when a coworker who is in a more powerful position promises you positive employment actions upon your compliance with a sexual favor. These employment actions might include a promotion, a raise, a better work assignment, or other benefits. The second type of quid pro quo threatens negative employment actions upon failure to comply with a request for a sexual favor. These actions might include a worse work assignment, reduced hours, demotion, or even termination.

Proving quid pro quo

If you can present evidence that shows that sexual harassment has occurred, then the burden shifts to your employer to show that any negative employment actions were taken for a reason other than retaliation. This means that while you’ll need to gather witness testimony and documentation to show that you were sexually harassed, you’ll also want to be prepared for attacks on your employment record.

Stand up for yourself and what you deserve

Time and again we see too many men and women try to bury the sexual harassment that they’ve been subjected to. Don’t let this be you. Find the courage to stand up and fight for what is right. Attorneys like those at our firm can help in that endeavor.