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We represent victims of retaliation

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Retaliation

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how employees in the Denver area are protected under both federal and Colorado law from what is called retaliation.

Although what is and is not retaliation can be a technical legal question, basically, it happens when an employer punishes its employee because the employee did something he or she had a legal right to do. Claims of retaliation typically happen when an employee reports his or her employer for discrimination or some other unlawful activity.

Unfortunately, very few employers in Colorado will come out and admit that they fired or disciplined an employee because the employee tried to abide by the law or do what was right. Instead, the employer may come up with some seemingly legitimate reason to take action against the employee and try to use it as an excuse.

In other cases, an employer may try to do something that, while it hurts the employee, it does not legally qualify under the law is retaliation due to a technicality.

The long and short of it is that retaliation claims are hard to prove. Instead, these claims can be chalk full of legal traps that can ruin someone’s ability to get the justice they deserve.

This is one reason why many workers in the Denver area trust our law office with their retaliation and other employment law claims. As experienced employment law attorneys, we know the legal landscape when it comes to retaliation claims, and we can help our clients navigate through the complexities of them. We also know what questions to ask in the process of investigating a claim in our effort to uncover an employer’s effort to mask their retaliation against an employee.