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Recognizing retaliation behavior in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Retaliation

Many workplaces today have a happy work environment with a good work-life balance. Coworkers get along and there is a positive environment happening in the work place. However, not all companies have been able to achieve this positive work environment. Sometimes discrimination or retaliatory behavior is present in the workplace. So how do you recognize such behaviors?

Usually for a behavior in the workplace to be considered at retaliatory, something happens that proceeds the actual incident. Whether it be due to some discriminated act, an instance of sexual harassment between boss and employee or between coworkers or some other instance in the workplace. These events could be the precursor to retaliatory behavior. Retaliatory behavior could manifest in being demoted, being passed over for a promotion or even being fired.

There are just a few examples of how retaliatory behavior could impact your ability to achieve workplace success. Sometimes, a person doesn’t even initially realize that they were retaliated against. However, putting the pieces together can illuminate that realization. At The Litigation Boutique LLC, we understand how these instances of retaliation can impact not only your career, but the course of your life.

It isn’t tolerable for a workplace to engage in retaliatory behavior. There are laws and regulations that prohibit this behavior and settlements for retaliatory behavior can deter this type of behavior from happening in the first place. Not only for the specific employer and employee but for the entire workplace community as a whole. We work to make sure our clients have options when their employer puts them in an unfavorable retaliatory situation.