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Was age discrimination behind job refusal?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

A woman in another state recently filed claims against her former employer after she was denied a job, allegedly due to her age. As age discrimination is not to be tolerated, if her age really did have anything to do with it she certainly is well within her rights to see compensation for her losses. The same could be said for any Colorado resident who has experienced a similar situation.

According to reports, a CBS affiliate needed a new traffic reporter. The 42-year-old woman who regularly filled in for the position applied but was ultimately turned down in favor of a younger, inexperienced 24-year-old female. Eventually, the woman left her job and moved out of state for a better opportunity. She has since filed legal claims against her former employer claiming discrimination.

The affiliate claims that age had nothing to do with the plaintiff not getting the job. The complaint was filed in court Tuesday, September 26. There are no details regarding how much in damages the plaintiff is seeking.

If one is qualified for a job, it can be tough to see it go to someone else. It is even harder to see it go to someone younger and lacking in experience. When this happens, age discrimination may just be an issue. Those in Colorado who believe that they are victims of age discrimination may be entitled to compensation. If it is deemed appropriate after a thorough case review, one may seek compensation either through litigation or an out-of-court settlement.

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