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Frontier Airlines facing employment discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 19, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

Being a parent and managing a career is like a juggling act. It can be hard to find the right balance, but most do their best to make it work. Unfortunately, many parents in Colorado and elsewhere find that their employers treat them differently because of their family lives. This is a form of employment discrimination that should not be tolerated.

It was recently reported that two female flight attendants for Frontier Airlines filed legal claims against the company, claiming sex discrimination for its failure to offer sufficient maternity coverage, lack of private or reasonably located places for breastfeeding mothers to pump milk and refusal of lighter duty shifts for those needing them for pregnancy and postpartum physical limitations. These two women are not the first to file such claims against the company. In 2016, four female pilots also took similar actions against Frontier.

A spokesperson for Frontier made a brief statement saying that the company tries to work with breastfeeding mothers. None of the other issues were addressed. At this point, it is unclear how Frontier plans tackle these current claims.

Employment discrimination in any of its forms can be difficult to handle for anyone. This is particularly true when it spills over into one’s family life. Colorado residents, men or women, who believe that their employers have discriminated against them after qualifying family events may seek compensation for any of their resulting losses. Like the flight attendants in this case, others may file civil suits against their employers in order to seek damages and request changes in the workplace.

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