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Race discrimination claims against Facebook lead to lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination can poison many opportunities for qualified individuals. Colorado residents may be interested in a case of race discrimination involving Facebook. Reports stated that a federal lawsuit was recently filed by two men, one of whom is still employed with the company. The African-American men believe that the company has participated in discriminatory acts that have affected their jobs.

One man was a manager at a branch for the company in another state. He left his job in recent months due to facing racism — including remarks from a supervisor — and losing many of his workplace duties. The man still employed with the company works as a maintenance worker at that same branch and claims that he is paid lower than his white co-workers in the same position and also receives lower raises.

Though the men filed complaints with their human resources department, they do not believe their concerns were addressed. Therefore, they filed the federal lawsuit. A representative for Facebook stated that the company intends to defend against the allegations, though it was mentioned that the supervisor in question who made the remarks was dismissed. Additional information on the case may be available at a later time.

Facing race discrimination can have significantly negative impacts on workers. As this case shows, when such unjust actions are not properly addressed, it may be warranted to take more drastic action and file a lawsuit. If Colorado residents believe that they have been the victims of such discrimination in the workplace, they may wish to consider filing suits of their own. Gaining more knowledge on legal options may prove beneficial.

Source: Fortune, “Facebook Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Racial Discrimination“, Jeff John Roberts, Nov. 28, 2016