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Ignoring workplace retaliation may harm Colorado workers

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

Many individuals may have experienced situations in which they have been treated differently after carrying out certain actions. While these types of incidents are unfortunate, many individuals may choose to move on and ignore the change in treatment. However, some incidents should not be ignored. If individuals have faced retaliation at work due to filing complaints or other actions, they may wish to look into how they can address the issue.

Colorado residents may be interested in one woman’s current situation taking place in another state. Reports indicated that the woman had been an employee at a university when she spoke out against discrimination and offensive actions taken against Hispanic individuals as well as incorrect compensation. She was later terminated from her position, which she believes was retaliation. 

The woman has filed a legal complaint against the university’s board. The complaint states that she was not properly paid for overtime hours worked and that a white worker in her same position had a better work schedule. It also alleges her wrongful termination after voicing her concerns. A representative for the university stated that the claims do not have merit.

Wrongful termination or any type of workplace retaliation is an unlawful act. Therefore, if Colorado residents have found themselves in situations similar to this one, they may wish to file complaints of their own. Information on legal action related to such violations may help interested individuals determine whether they would like to move forward with a claim. Speaking with experienced attorneys may also be a useful step.

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