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Colorado residents may face age discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Any type of discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue that deserves attention. Colorado residents could be discriminated against for a variety of unfair reasons, and age discrimination may be among them. If an employee is negatively treated due to his or her age, there may be reason to file a civil claim against the employer.

It was recently reported that a man in another state filed a claim due to such discrimination. He was reported as being 69 years old and worked for Tesla. He apparently began working for the company four years ago as part of a contract position, but he was later hired full time. However, he claims that he was treated unfairly due to his age and told that he completed tasks too slowly. 

The man believes that he completed his duties in a similar amount of time as younger workers. He also faced more difficult treatment after he took time off from work for surgery on his heart. The man was later dismissed from his position at the company despite efforts to improve his performance. As a result, the man has filed a lawsuit against the company for the discrimination he suffered. 

If Colorado residents feel that they are being mistreated in the workplace simply due to their ages, they may have reason to look into legal options. Age discrimination is an unjust action, and those who participate in such unseemly behavior can be held accountable. Filing a civil lawsuit may help a negatively affected individual pursue justice and compensation for any mistreatment.

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