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Employment discrimination could lead to legal action in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

An employment law case currently taking place in another state may interested Colorado residents. Reports stated that over 3,000 women are to be affected by the class action lawsuit pertaining to employment discrimination. The women work or worked for a telecommunications equipment company where they were discriminated against when it came to upper-level management positions. 

It was reported that seven women who were either working for the company at the time or had worked for the company filed the complaint. These women were acting as spokespeople for the 3,300 other women employed by the company. However, in a pre-suit action that took place before the complaint was filed, the company agreed to come to a settlement with the women.

As a result of the settlement, the company will pay out over $19 million to the affected women. It was also reported that the company will enact diversity training for employees who make hiring decisions to ensure that equal opportunities are given to all genders. An internal compliance official will also be hired by the company to make sure that the settlement terms are being carried out accordingly. 

Employment discrimination is something that no worker should have to face. If Colorado residents believe that they have been the victims of gender, race, age or other types of discrimination, they may want to consider legal action of their own. Information on claims options could help them determine whether they would like to move in such a direction, and speaking with experienced attorneys may also prove beneficial.

Source: USA Today, “Qualcomm settles in $19.5M gender discrimination pre-suit“, Allana Akhtar and Elizabeth Weise, July 26, 2016