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Wrongful termination may warrant legal action in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

There are certain circumstances that could potentially lead to Colorado residents losing their jobs. In many cases, these situations are warranted, even though difficult on the workers themselves. However, there are instances in which individuals may be fired from their jobs and believe that the actions were unnecessary or even illegal. In such cases, affected parties may wish to file wrongful termination suits.

One woman in another state recently filed such a claim after being terminated from her position with the postal service. Reports indicated that the woman had requested time away from work due to her husband’s medical condition needing attention. She believes that under the Family and Medical Leave Act, she should have been allowed the time away without consequence.

The woman took the time away from her job, but she was then later fired due to failing to regularly attend. She believes that this termination was unwarranted and a violation of the FMLA. As a result, she filed a legal claim regarding the wrongful termination. According to reports, she is seeking damages for lost wages, legal fees and other expenses. In total, she is seeking more than $180,000 in compensation.

Wrongful termination is a serious matter that could have a profoundly negative effect on a person’s life. Therefore, if a Colorado worker has faced a similar situation, he or she may wish to look into his or her legal options for filing a claim. A successful claim could see an individual being awarded compensation for damages resulting from an unfair termination. Experienced attorneys may be able to help interested parties determine whether their situations could warrant legal actions.

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