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Wrongful termination could lead to legal claims in Colorado

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

It is no secret that being let go from a job can be a difficult and stressful event. The situation may become even more disheartening if an individual believes that he or she was fired without any just cause. In such cases, individuals who believe they were unfairly treated may wish to consider filing a claim for wrongful termination

Colorado residents may be interested in such a case that is currently taking place in another area. Reports stated that a former EMS captain has filed a claim after being terminated from her position. It was noted that the individual had been the first woman to be promoted to such a high ranking position, and she was fired eight months after the promotion. She believes she was not given a justified reason for the termination.

Due to the lack of reasoning as well as being denied the ability to prepare for her termination hearing, the woman is pursuing legal action. She wishes to be compensated for wrongful termination, income loss and detriment to her career track. Reports stated that she is seeking $3 million in damages stemming from the situation.

Facing negative circumstances such as a termination can have a considerable impact on a person’s life. If that situation is also believed to have been unwarranted, an individual may feel at a loss as how to handle the event. However, if Colorado residents believe that they were the victims of wrongful termination, they may wish to consider filing legal claims of their own. Information on such action may help them determine whether it could be right for them.

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