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How to fight age discrimination in Colorado workplaces

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

There are many forms of unlawful treatment that take place within the workforce in Colorado and across the nation. Various forms of age discrimination or unfair treatment due to race, ethnic background or gender have long plagued workers in the United States. It may seem difficult to determine how to proceed when faced with such legal challenges on the job.

An economist who studies the relationship between age of workers and labor market outcomes recently stated that older women seem to have particular difficulty when seeking gainful employment. She said that this sort of discrimination seems to be most prominent where entry level positions are concerned. One study suggests that younger workers are approximately 40 percent more likely to be invited for an interview upon review of a job application than women who are 35 or older.

Some believe employers worry that older workers would not be adept at new technology. Others claim that there is a stigma attached to older workers, thinking they are automatically slower and inactive compared to their younger counterparts. In addition to those who face challenges finding work due to their ages, many already in the workforce find themselves being unjustly fired because they have gotten older. For some, this has caused them to lose their pensions and other important employment benefits.

There are laws to protect against age discrimination and other forms of maltreatment in the workplace. Colorado workers experiencing these types of legal challenges are fully entitled to seek justice by contacting an experienced employment law attorney to discuss the situation. There are typically various options available to obtain a fair and just resolution to the problem.

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