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There is more to employment discrimination than expected

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

The legal parameters of an employment discrimination case can be highly complex and entail situations that require in-depth analysis and investigation. Simply feeling discriminated against does not necessarily mean there is a case for employment discrimination to be made in a Colorado courtroom. Before a case can be pursued, anyone who believes he or she is truly the victim of employment discrimination must know the facts of the legal definition and the protected classes that can be the source of discrimination.

Being part of a protected class is necessary regardless of the actions that may have been taken. Protected classes include race, age, gender, religion and disability. Anyone over 40 is also part of a protected class. Sexual orientation and marital status are also protected classes that can warrant an employment discrimination suit.

A successful pursuit of justice reaches beyond membership in a protected class. This is where the legal parameters may become complex and require further explanation. The actual acts of discrimination must be based on being a member of that protected class. Feeling discriminated against by an employer and just being in a protected class without any connection between the class and type of discrimination will not be enough to pursue damages.

Because of the complexities, having up-to-date and reliable legal guidance is necessary. In Colorado, the successful pursuit of an employment discrimination suit can lead to monetary damages, the reinstatement of a job or position or other favorable resolutions that help an employee move forward from an unfortunate experience. Our website has more detailed information about employment discrimination and what actions may be taken if you are a victim.