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Teacher files complaint alleging race discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

Any type of discrimination against a protected class in the workplace is illegal. This fact does not stop such treatment from occurring across all career and work force fields in Colorado and elsewhere. A teacher in another state has recently filed a civil complaint against the school where she worked. She claims she was the victim of race discrimination and was retaliated against when she complained about the treatment she was receiving.

The teacher filing the suit is African-American. She claims she had to endure hostile and harassing comments related to her race. She also claims she was called upon to discipline and restrain black students to reduce the chance of their parents acting aggressively towards the school’s administration regarding the treatment of their children.

The teacher also contends derogatory statements about the behaviors of African-American students were made to her by a special education teacher at the school. The teacher went to the principal about these issues, but no action was taken. The suit claims the actions of the school have caused economic losses for the teacher. The teacher contends she had no other choice but to resign due to the hostile work environment in which she was forced to work.

When race discrimination has occurred, the individual whose rights have been violated has legal options to pursue. One option is filing a civil suit in court. If successful, a civil claim of race discrimination can lead to a number of outcomes, including revised workplace policies or training, reinstatement of a lost position or monetary damages. Those in Colorado and elsewhere who believe they have been the victims of race discrimination at work should speak with an experienced civil defense attorney regarding their case.

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