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Shipyard accused of race discrimination, lawsuit filed

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

When a workplace discrimination lawsuit is filed in Colorado or elsewhere, it isn’t uncommon for other workers or former workers to join in and also pursue a fair resolution based on their own experiences with a specific employer. One such claim was recently filed against a shipyard in another state. The initial suit included six people who filed race discrimination charges. Recently, 15 more people joined the federal lawsuit.

One man in particular worked at the shipyard for six years and says he was let go after complaining about specific working conditions. One accusation he made relates to arriving to work and being sent home if there was no work to be done. He claims the black men at the shipyard would be sent home first, and white men were allowed to stay and work.

Other accusations related to racial slurs directed at the African American workers. The shipyard has responded and asserts that it does not tolerate any kind of racial discrimination. The company claims there was an investigation into the accusations, and a determination was made that there was no merit to the claims upon which the lawsuit is based.

A race discrimination claim, whether in Colorado or elsewhere, may seem like an intimidating pursuit. In a race discrimination lawsuit, having multiple plaintiffs and strong evidence may help in achieving a favorable result for those involved. If successful, a race discrimination suit can result in monetary damages, such as back wages, future wages or a reinstatement of employment in appropriate circumstances.

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