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Man files employment discrimination suit against health clinic

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination can encompass a number of behaviors and actions. Anyone in Colorado who feels that he or she has suffered changes to his or her employment or has been let go from a position based on employment discrimination may be interested in a recent case involving a man who has filed suit against a health clinic. The man claims that he was transferred and replaced because of his race.

The suit filed by the man claims that the clinic he worked for had a mission of becoming staffed by only African-Americans. The man is white. He claims that he was transferred twice and more African-Americans were hired during that time, including an African-American who took over his old job. He also claims discrimination based on carpal tunnel issues related to work.

The man in this case is seeking both future and past wages from the clinic. He is also seeking damages for pain and humiliation to the amount of $150,000. The clinic will not comment on the specific suit but said it treats employees equally.

Employment discrimination may be difficult to prove in a Colorado civil court or elsewhere, as a company may give one reason for a demotion or termination, and an employee may feel that there is another reason for the actions taken against him or her. In a case such as this, the specifics of where the man was transferred, and demographics of the racial makeup of the entire company, may all play a role in how the case proceeds. With the possibility of receiving back pay and forward pay, anyone pursuing an employment discrimination suit may benefit from investing in experienced legal help and understanding what kind of evidence may commonly apply to proving employment discrimination.

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