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Former McDonald’s workers allege race discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is taken very seriously by the law and by most employers. It may be difficult to prove race discrimination in the workplace. However, if a group of employees or former employees in Colorado all come forward with similar allegations, it may be easier to document a race discrimination law suit. The well-known fast food chain, McDonald’s, is currently in the midst of a discrimination suit initiated by 10 former employees.

The suit was commenced as 10 workers asserted a range of concerns related to discriminatory actions. The suit centers around an incident last spring where over one dozen employees who were black were all fired at the same time. It is alleged that the reason stated for the dismissals was that the employees didn’t fit the profile the restaurant wanted.

There are further claims made in the suit. The workers, nine African-Americans and one Hispanic, contend they were the target of racial and sexual harassment. Words used by a supervisor, inappropriate contact and sexually explicit photos sent from a superior to the workers are also among the allegations cited in the discrimination suit.

The workers alleged that complains to management resulted in no action being taken. A suit of this magnitude could take a toll on the reputation of a well-known workplace. When anyone in Colorado wishes to pursue a race discrimination suit against an employer, having the supporting evidence of other employees treated in a similar manner may help a case move forward toward a successful resolution.

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