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Age discrimination a concern for many middle aged or older

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Today’s Colorado work force is typically comprised of individuals who are just beginning their careers and those who have experience with several companies. These days, it is not all that common for an individual to remain with one company for the majority of his or her career. An individual in another state did remain with one company, Walt Disney Studios, for 26 years and has now filed a claim for age discrimination.

The plaintiff states that, in April, he was given notice that his position was being eliminated. This was a position that he had held for the past 10 years. He contacted the studio chairman regarding this decision and was again told that his position was being eliminated, and that Disney was not making as many movies as it once had. Soon after his employment came to an end, a younger female was promoted into what he says is essentially the same position that he had held. It will now be up to a court to determine if this is in fact age discrimination.

At times, companies will choose to decrease their payroll expenses at the expense of seasoned veterans. These veterans typically command higher salaries and more benefits than younger, newer employees. Depending upon the circumstances, it is possible that such a move could be an act of age discrimination.

Most Colorado employers value their long-term employees. They recognize the experience and dedication they bring to their business. However, at times, age discrimination can become an issue either in the hiring, promoting or terminating of an employee. If one feels that he or she has become the victim of age discrimination, he or she may want to investigate the legal options that are available.

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