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Pier 1 Imports accused of employment discrimination claim

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Under the law, women in the workplace are afforded the same rights as men. When it comes to pregnancy, there are clear and distinct laws about how women may be treated in the workplace and what special provisions may have to be made. In Colorado and elsewhere, employers can’t simply fire or terminate an employee for being pregnant. However, a worker at Pier 1 Imports is suing the well-known home furnishings chain for employment discrimination, based on allegations over the company’s mistreatment of her during her pregnancy.

The woman was a sales associate in a Pier 1 store on the West Coast. She is pregnant and was put on certain physical restrictions by her doctor. She was told she could not climb ladders or pick up anything more than 15 pounds. The company made provisions and placed her on light duties for a total of eight weeks.

The problem occurred after that eight weeks was over. She alleges the company forced her into unpaid leave before she was due to give birth. The woman contends she just wants her job back and has filed suit against the company. The loss of any income during the unpaid leave was noted as a financial and emotional strain. The company says it has a policy of accommodating light duty work as needed for eight weeks, then requests that anyone still needing help takes unpaid leave from their job.

An accusation of employment discrimination can lead to negotiations and/or litigation. When someone pursues a charge of employment discrimination in Colorado, they may seek a number of different remedies. Some of what may be sought as a resolution can include lost wages, reinstatement to a position of employment and/or compensation for benefits that have been lost.

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