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Emergency worker receives settlement in wrongful termination case

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

Whenever someone leaves a job, there may be a difference of perspective as to why they were let go. If the party who was let go feels they were wrongfully terminated, there are legal options that can be pursued. Anyone who works for a town or municipality in Colorado may be interested in a medical worker in another state who filed and settled a wrongful termination suit against the town for which she worked after being let go.

The woman was a part-time EMT. She was fired from her position after an alleged collection of disciplinary actions and also a failure to get a blood pressure reading while attending to a patient in an ambulance. Shortly after the termination, the EMT sought a grievance hearing and said actions by the town employees actually constituted libel.

The town and the EMT came to a settlement of $36,000. She agreed to accept $7,500 for her financial loss and the rest was to cover other fees, including those labeled as not being economic in nature. As part of the settlement, the woman agreed to drop additional suits against other individuals and also agreed to not seek employment with the town again, and neither side admits to any sort of wrongdoing.

Wrongful termination suits can become very complicated as they can hinge on disciplinary actions, past infractions or even one person’s word against another. There can also be incidents when a suit can be against one person, a number of employees of a company or a group of employees paid by the town. Anyone in Colorado who works for a town or other entity may want to know their options or what possible settlements may come about if they file a wrongful termination suit.

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