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County employees initiates age discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Understandably, local and state governments have tightened their financial belts over the last few years. This has resulted in many people being terminated or laid off from government positions in Colorado and other states. However, one group of county employees has commenced a lawsuit that claims they lost their jobs because of age discrimination.

There are 20 former employees involved in the suit, and their ages range from 65 to 81. Some of the employees allege that they were encouraged to give up full-time positions in exchange for staying on as part-time employees. Others were offered early retirement packages. The county states that none of the terminated employees were promised part-time work if they gave up full-time positions.

The group is seeking a jury trial. They also are seeking to have their jobs back. The plaintiffs are also asking for monetary damages and to have their legal fees covered.

Filing a case of age discrimination can be complicated and can entail all kinds of potential evidence, such as witnesses or the help of others who feel they may have suffered the same fate. Anyone in Colorado who feels that their age and not their work performance was the reason for their termination from employment may benefit from understanding how an age discrimination case works. A successful age discrimination lawsuit in Colorado can help a former employee get back a job they love and/or achieve a judgment for financial losses that are proved to have been the result of an employer’s wrongful conduct.

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