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Teacher files complaint alleging race discrimination

Any type of discrimination against a protected class in the workplace is illegal. This fact does not stop such treatment from occurring across all career and work force fields in Colorado and elsewhere. A teacher in another state has recently filed a civil complaint against the school where she worked. She claims she was the victim of race discrimination and was retaliated against when she complained about the treatment she was receiving.

Shipyard accused of race discrimination, lawsuit filed

When a workplace discrimination lawsuit is filed in Colorado or elsewhere, it isn't uncommon for other workers or former workers to join in and also pursue a fair resolution based on their own experiences with a specific employer. One such claim was recently filed against a shipyard in another state. The initial suit included six people who filed race discrimination charges. Recently, 15 more people joined the federal lawsuit.

Former McDonald's workers allege race discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is taken very seriously by the law and by most employers. It may be difficult to prove race discrimination in the workplace. However, if a group of employees or former employees in Colorado all come forward with similar allegations, it may be easier to document a race discrimination law suit. The well-known fast food chain, McDonald's, is currently in the midst of a discrimination suit initiated by 10 former employees.

Employment discrimination can be more complicated than expected

When an employee feels unfairly treated or discriminated against in some way, he or she may have that gut feeling as to why he or she is being treated unfairly or differently compared to other employees. However, simply having a feeling of being the victim of employment discrimination isn't enough to take legal action. In order to pursue a case of employment discrimination against a Colorado employer, you must be part of a legally protected class.

Shipyard alleged site of race discrimination

Every work environment may have employees who do not get along or come from different backgrounds. While most every workplace has policies in place to ensure that everyone feels welcome and respected, there are times when discrimination does occur and can lead to legal action against a company. Colorado workers may be interested in a recent case of race discrimination that has six employees seeking action.

Assistant dean sues for race discrimination

There may be all sorts of reasons a person is dismissed from a job or is let go after a leave of absence. However, there are times when a person is dismissed as retribution for speaking out about alleged discrimination. Recently, an assistant dean of a university filed a claim of race discrimination after being dismissed following a leave of absence to deal with medical issues she said related to what she endured in the workplace. Any Colorado educator who believes discrimination may exist in their workplace may be interested in the story.

Woman sues Microsoft for age and race discrimination

When someone feels discriminated against in the workplace, they may have a difficult time proving there is discrimination or knowing what exactly should be done about it. It may even be difficult to pinpoint the exact nature or type of discrimination. Anyone in Colorado who feels they have been a victim of discrimination may want to follow the story of a woman who is suing Microsoft for both age and race discrimination.

Buffalo Wild Wings accused of race discrimination

When someone feels discriminated against, it may be difficult to endure. When there may be others in the same establishment who have had similar experiences or have felt the same way, the process may be easier to navigate. One national restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, is now facing charges of race discrimination after two women contended they were treated poorly by management. Anyone in Colorado who feels they are subjected to taunts, humiliation or other forms of discrimination based on their race may want to follow the case.

Convenience store chain accused of race discrimination

For some people, the thought of owning their own business is a lifelong dream, the American dream. This can be particularly true of immigrants who come to Colorado and other states looking for ways to earn a living and take care of their families. One way to become a business owner is through running a franchise of a chain store or restaurant. However, for one group of immigrants, buying and operating a 7-Eleven franchise store has allegedly been a lesson in race discrimination rather than a story of success.

Correction officers win race discrimination settlement

Whenever an employee feels they have been discriminated against, or they are part of a group that has been discriminated against as a whole, they may benefit from taking legal action -- either an individual or as a group. Even if the initial legal action ends in a way they do not agree with, employees may elect to pursue an appeal as a means of continuing to pursue enforcement of their legal rights. This was the case of a group of corrections officers who pursued a race discrimination case and, thereafter, an appeal. Readers in Colorado may want to follow the case.

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