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Colorado police force faces charges of employment discrimination

The police force, like many other places of employment, has fitness standards that can impact a person's ability to stay employed or perform certain duties. One Colorado police department is facing allegations of employment discrimination related to how the department handles fitness tests. The suit filed against the police department contends women should be held to different physical fitness standards compared to men.

Internet giant, Google, sued for age discrimination

Google is once again making news for a legal situation as the company faces allegations of discrimination. The Internet giant is being sued in federal court by a man who claims the company practices age discrimination. Any tech worker in Colorado or those interested in breaking into the tech field may want to learn more about the allegations the company currently faces.

Shipyard accused of race discrimination, lawsuit filed

When a workplace discrimination lawsuit is filed in Colorado or elsewhere, it isn't uncommon for other workers or former workers to join in and also pursue a fair resolution based on their own experiences with a specific employer. One such claim was recently filed against a shipyard in another state. The initial suit included six people who filed race discrimination charges. Recently, 15 more people joined the federal lawsuit.

Ruby Tuesday must defend against employment discrimination

Many industries, including the restaurant industry, provide unique opportunities for employees to earn more or to take part in special assignments working at seasonal locations. This type of in-house promotion opportunity or ability to take part in a new venture can be a much-coveted chance sought out by a company's best employees in Colorado or elsewhere. One nationwide restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesday, recently sought workers to temporarily transfer to a different location only to then find itself fighting off an employment discrimination charge.

Employment discrimination can be more complicated than expected

When an employee feels unfairly treated or discriminated against in some way, he or she may have that gut feeling as to why he or she is being treated unfairly or differently compared to other employees. However, simply having a feeling of being the victim of employment discrimination isn't enough to take legal action. In order to pursue a case of employment discrimination against a Colorado employer, you must be part of a legally protected class.

Saks store defends against employment discrimination claim

A discrimination claim of any sort can be complicated and involve situations that may be murky and not as cut and dry as other similar cases may be. One recent case of alleged employment discrimination is gaining notoriety due to the fact that an ex-employee of the well-known department store Saks & Co. is suing for discrimination based on her transgender status. In Colorado, any employee who feels they have been targeted under any scope of discrimination may be interested in following the case.

Man files employment discrimination suit against health clinic

Discrimination can encompass a number of behaviors and actions. Anyone in Colorado who feels that he or she has suffered changes to his or her employment or has been let go from a position based on employment discrimination may be interested in a recent case involving a man who has filed suit against a health clinic. The man claims that he was transferred and replaced because of his race.

Employment discrimination cases can be complex

Feeling as if you have been discriminated against and proving discrimination in court may be two very different things. Despite the difficulties that may surround a discrimination suit, employment discrimination is a very real thing and victims should be aware of their rights. In Colorado, there are very clear laws governing employment discrimination. 

Teacher alleges age discrimination and sues school

Whenever a person leaves a job or is let go and feels that discrimination played a role in why he or she no longer has that job, that person has legal options of which he or she may not be aware. There are also various forms of workplace discrimination that may unfold and be difficult to prove under certain conditions. Any teachers in Colorado or elsewhere who may feel that age discrimination played a role in why they may no longer have a job may want to learn more about the story of one teacher and her claims of age discrimination.

Colorado employees must know employment discrimination facts

It isn't unusual for a worker to feel disgruntled or unappreciated from time to time. But, if a worker genuinely feels that he or she is being directly discriminated against, and his or her feelings are more than just a hunch, that worker may want to learn about legal actions pertaining to employment discrimination. It is vital for any Colorado worker concerned about employment discrimination to understand protected classes and where he or she may fall into the various categories.

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