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Representing employees in misclassification cases

A previous post on this blog reported that new federal standards governing who can and cannot be classified as a salaried employee exempt from overtime and other wage rules are promising to change the landscape of workplaces both in Colorado and throughout the country.

We work to make sure Colorado employees get overtime pay

It seems like a pretty basic idea that employees in this state should get paid what the state's laws say they are owed. For instance, Colorado has a minimum wage law, an workers should get paid at least that wage for the time that they are doing work for their employers.

You cannot be forced to work off the clock

A previous post here discussed how a major corporation in the Denver area has been accused of violating wage and hour laws. The post explained that the corporation had been accused of giving its employees too much work to do in order to effectively force them into working uncompensated overtime.

Classification of exempt employees

Like many other states, Colorado actually has a minimum wage, $10.20 an hour, that is higher than that required by the federal government. Colorado's Wage Order also requires that employers pay their hourly employees time-and-a-half, $15.30 an hour, when they work more than 40 hours in a week or more than 12 hours in a given day or shift.

Successful wage and hour claims could bring backlogged pay

For every hour a person is working, it is another hour not spent with family, friends or leisure. As such, every worker is entitled to the pay they have earned. For some, pay can get complicated when figuring in overtime or other unusual hours.

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