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Colorado state legislators accused of sexual harassment

A couple of lawmakers in the Colorado state legislature have announced their departure from the body in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. One lawmaker denies that his decision has anything to do with the allegation against him, saying his decision not to run for re-election in 2020 is for financial reasons. The lawmaker has a background in business and is pursuing other opportunities.

Committee addresses sexual harassment culture at Colorado capitol

In recent months, Colorado has been rocked by reports of prevalent sexual harassment in the halls of the state capitol. It is clear that this is not something that just suddenly happened. Instead, it is part of a culture that has long-plagued the halls of government here.

Sexual harassment claims roil Colorado capitol

In past weeks, the prevalence of sexual harassment claims in the halls of Colorado's institutions for higher learning and state government have been brought into the spotlight. Not only have the scandals resulted in increased scrutiny and potential repercussions for the individuals and institutions involved, but they have also cost Colorado taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and are poised to put an even bigger hit on the state's coffers.

There is no room for workplace sexual harassment

Some have been calling 2018 the year of the woman. The truth is that more often than not, women are the group suffering the effects of workplace sexual harassment. Anyone can be affected, but predominantly, women are the victims of the unwanted sexual advances. Sexual harassment can manifest in many ways, so it is good to understand if one is the target of sexually harassment.

Does that text from your boss mean what you think it does?

Images leave a lot up to the imagination when attempting to understand their meaning. Just as art is subjective, so are emojis. Getting a text from your boss with a rocket followed by a flower and ending with a winky face might seem harmless but the meaning behind it could be more deviant. Sometimes it is obvious; sometimes it is not.

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