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Understanding employment contracts before signing

Starting a new job can be exciting and intense all at the same time. Once a job has been secured, new employees are usually provided with multiple forms to review and sign. In the mix of these documents, employers may sometimes include employment contracts. Before sealing the deal, it is important for Colorado employees to read through and understand any contract before signing.

When should employers use an employment contract?

There are many things to go over when you hire a new employee: Just a few examples include terms of employment, job duties and salary. Some employers are fine with using an implied contract when hiring employees. In an implied contract, the terms of labor generally fall under state and federal law. However, many employers prefer to use a legally sound employment contract.

Watch out for that at-will employment contract

Most people are hired at at-will statuses. This is particularly true for those working in hourly positions. While this may be good for when a person wants to quit his or her job, it can also be bad in the fact that Colorado employers can then fire employees whenever they want. So, before taking that job, watch out for an at-will employment contract.

Severance agreements of public officials are public knowledge

Those in Colorado and elsewhere who hold public positions find that little about their jobs is private. This includes their severance agreements when they leave their jobs. This, of course, opens them up to great public scrutiny. At the end of the day, however, what they are ultimately awarded comes down to a number of factors and a great deal of negotiations -- not really public opinion.

Colorado employment contract: Arbitration agreements

Before signing one's life away to a new employer, taking time to read in full what one is signing is really a must. A lot of information is included in an employment contract. Colorado residents who are not careful could end up signing away their rights to pursue legal actions against their employers.

Colorado employment contract: Non-compete agreements

Finding a job that one will love, that has good pay and benefits and is everything that one could hope for is not necessarily easy. When such an opportunity comes available and a noncompete agreement is required as part of the employment contract, it may give one reason to pause and re-evaluate the situation. This week's column will address some things those residing in Colorado and elsewhere should know about noncompete agreements before they sign.

Negotiating severance agreements, things to know

Those who find out that they are being released from employment and who are offered severance have a lot of things to consider before signing the agreement given them. Most companies, whether in Colorado or elsewhere, will do the best they can to give as little as possible. This is why reviewing severance agreements and seeking legal counsel to help negotiate the terms of such contracts is important.

Prolonged employment contract negotiations may hinder workers

Working under a contract can help many employees better understand various aspects of their jobs. A worker may come to rely on his or her employment contract in order to understand salary agreements, raises, retirement and other important areas that could impact his or her life in the long run. Therefore, when contracts lapse, serious issues could come about.

Employment contract disputes could concern Colorado workers

Colorado residents may be interested in a contract dispute currently happening in another state. Reports indicated that school bus drivers are considering going on strike in efforts to gain better terms for their employment contract. The contract has apparently been under negotiations, and recent actions have caused the divide between the drivers and the bus company. 

Employment contract disagreements may impact Colorado workers

Many employees enter into contracts with their employers. These documents can help individuals understand the various aspects of their jobs, including their benefits and obligations. However, employment contract disputes are not uncommon, and many individuals may find themselves fighting for terms that they feel are fair. In some cases, these disputes could become time consuming.

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