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Employment and civil litigation conflicts are often very personal issues that affect you in many ways: personally, professionally, financially and emotionally. When you’re at the point of seeking a lawyer, you’ve already been through a lot. You need a legal professional to clarify and enforce your rights and help you arrive at a fair solution. Our practice focuses on employment law with an ever-growing civil litigation component fueled by our regular success in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We counsel both employers and employees about their rights and obligations in the workplace. Our legal advice encompasses matters ranging from advice and counsel services to complex litigation, trial issues and appeals. When you’re ready for powerful legal protection by your side, we’re here for you.

A Bold Approach To Litigation

In an era when many firms are focusing on alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we continue to prioritize strong litigation skills. If your case goes to trial, you can rest assured that our legal team will be fully prepared to fight for your rights as a plaintiff or defendant. A good trial lawyer can be hard to find these days, but not at The Litigation Boutique LLC. At our firm, our attorneys are litigators first. We embark on each case assuming it could go to trial, and prepare accordingly. We focus on your goals and provide client-centered service from start to finish, whatever path your case may take.

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