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Wrongful termination case in another state settled

In another state, a former teacher filed several legal claims against the school at which he once worked after he was fired from his job. The claims submitted to court included wrongful termination, retaliation and disability discrimination. For teachers in Colorado who have found themselves in situations similar to this gentleman's, this story makes an interesting read.

Do all wrongful termination cases go to court?

Losing a job can be a difficult thing to get through, as it leaves one concerned about the future. Things can be made even worse if an individual believes that the circumstances surrounding his or her firing were questionable. If a person has reason to suspect that he or she is the victim of wrongful termination, according to the laws of Colorado he or she may have legal recourse.

Cop believes disability may reason for his wrongful termination

Colorado employees who work 18 years for an employer might believe they have job security. Employees might also believe that returning to work after a serious injury acquired on the job would indicate dedication of the employee to an employer. One former police officer in another state claims neither is the case for him, and he has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his employer.

Overcoming the challenges of age discrimination

Employment is an integral part of the lives of many individuals in Colorado and across the country. Although there may be an overwhelming variety of fields available, a person might have a specific area in mind in which to pursue a position. Unfortunately, some individuals may be denied employment, or even receive unfair treatment at work, especially with regard to age discrimination.

Was my firing a wrongful termination?

Whether one is employed in Colorado or elsewhere, losing a job can deal a significant blow both emotionally and financially. When it happens, it is normal to question if the firing can be considered a wrongful termination. The truth is, there are plenty of firings that take place that are perfectly legal. There are, however, certain situations that could warrant legal action.

When is a termination a wrongful termination?

Firing employees is one of the downsides of being an employer; however, when a situation calls for it, it has to be done. For an employee, being fired can come as a devastating blow, especially if the reason behind it just does not seem above board. Those in Colorado who have lost their jobs have every right to question if they are victims of wrongful termination.

When wrongful termination results from filing for worker's comp

A man in another state has filed legal actions against his former employer, claiming that he was released from his position after filing a workers' compensation claim. Whether one resides in Colorado or elsewhere, it is illegal for an employer to fire someone simply for filing a work comp claim. If this individual can prove his wrongful termination case in court, he could receive a monetary judgment in his favor.

Former banker for Wells Fargo claims to be victim of retaliation

Individuals employed at companies in Colorado or elsewhere lose their jobs everyday. Generally there are valid reasons for it, such as poor employee performance or company downsizing. There are those who may feel that their terminations were unwarranted, however. Such is the case for a woman in another state who claims to be a victim of retaliation for failing to participate in unethical banking practices for Wells Fargo.

Wrongful termination and harassment claims filed against hospital

A hospital in another state is being sued by a former staff member. The plaintiff claims she is the victim of wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Sadly, her experience is not an uncommon thing. Colorado residents who believe they have experienced situations much like this woman's may be entitled to take legal action in order to seek compensation for their losses.

Telecommunications company accused of wrongful termination

A man in another state has filed legal claims against his former employer after being let go from the company. A quick search in Google will show that wrongful termination is something that affects numerous people, in Colorado and elsewhere. Those who believe that they were fired unjustly do have the right to take legal actions in an effort to seek compensation for their resulting losses.

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