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Proving age discrimination occurred

People get fired from their jobs, refused promotions or refused employment for a number of reasons. In many cases, employers have legitimate reasons for making such decisions; unfortunately, there are those employers who do not. Age discrimination is a big problem right now in Colorado and elsewhere. Proving one is a victim of this type of discrimination is not an easy feat, however. How can a person prove that he or she was fired, refused a promotion or even refused employment based on his or her age?

Race discrimination case in another state settled

A construction company in another state has had some pretty bad press recently after two former employees filed discrimination lawsuits. According to reports, this case has recently come to a close, as the business has decided to settle the case rather than fight things out in court. Sadly, race discrimination can happen anywhere. Colorado residents who find themselves in positions like these two gentleman may also pursue their legal options in order to seek compensation for their losses.

Gender at the heart of an employment discrimination case

In another state, a woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former bosses. She is claiming employment discrimination based on her gender. She also says she is the victim of retaliation. Sadly, her story is one that some in Colorado may find similar to their own situations.

UPS settles disability discrimination lawsuit

Most places of employment in Colorado offer employees a limited amount of absence from work to heal from workplace injuries, sickness or other personal reasons. If someone wishes to return to work but has limited physical abilities, the American with Disabilities Act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to transition the employee back on the job. Ninety employees of UPS did not believe their company made strong enough efforts to accommodate disabled employees and filed a disability discrimination lawsuit. UPS recently settled the lawsuit for $2 million.

Pay inequality is a form of employment discrimination

Working is necessary to live. However, sometimes it is hard to go to work day in and day out when one feels his or her efforts are underappreciated or that his or her time is less valuable than someone else's. Unfortunately, pay inequality is a real concern in Colorado and elsewhere, and it is a form of employment discrimination.

Colorado employment discrimination: Religious beliefs

This country was founded by those who left their homelands in order to have religious freedom. It is a right that everyone should have the ability to enjoy. Unfortunately, some Colorado residents may find that they are the victims of employment discrimination because of their religious beliefs. This can make finding jobs or going to work every day a nightmare.

Victims of national origin discrimination may have legal recourse

Many people leave their home countries to come to America for permanent or temporary job opportunities. They do this to better their personal and familial situations. Unfortunately, some who have made Colorado their home find that national origin discrimination is sometimes an issue. What can they do if it is and can they seek compensation for any losses they have experienced as a result?

Frontier Airlines facing employment discrimination lawsuit

Being a parent and managing a career is like a juggling act. It can be hard to find the right balance, but most do their best to make it work. Unfortunately, many parents in Colorado and elsewhere find that their employers treat them differently because of their family lives. This is a form of employment discrimination that should not be tolerated.

Man files disability discrimination claim against former employer

A man in another state has filed a civil claim against his former employer for being fired after suffering a medical event that left him disabled. Laws are in place to protect employees from disability discrimination. If this gentleman is able to successfully prove that he is a victim of this type of injustice, he may receive compensation for his losses. The same can be said for Colorado residents who have suffered similar fates.

Employment discrimination may be common -- does not make it right

When employees are frequently exposed to discrimination in the workplace, it can have a great impact on both their personal and professional lives. Sadly, employment discrimination, in its many forms, is very commonly experienced by Colorado residents. Just because it is common does not make it right or acceptable.

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