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Victims of national origin discrimination may have legal recourse

Many people leave their home countries to come to America for permanent or temporary job opportunities. They do this to better their personal and familial situations. Unfortunately, some who have made Colorado their home find that national origin discrimination is sometimes an issue. What can they do if it is and can they seek compensation for any losses they have experienced as a result?

Frontier Airlines facing employment discrimination lawsuit

Being a parent and managing a career is like a juggling act. It can be hard to find the right balance, but most do their best to make it work. Unfortunately, many parents in Colorado and elsewhere find that their employers treat them differently because of their family lives. This is a form of employment discrimination that should not be tolerated.

Man files disability discrimination claim against former employer

A man in another state has filed a civil claim against his former employer for being fired after suffering a medical event that left him disabled. Laws are in place to protect employees from disability discrimination. If this gentleman is able to successfully prove that he is a victim of this type of injustice, he may receive compensation for his losses. The same can be said for Colorado residents who have suffered similar fates.

Employment discrimination may be common -- does not make it right

When employees are frequently exposed to discrimination in the workplace, it can have a great impact on both their personal and professional lives. Sadly, employment discrimination, in its many forms, is very commonly experienced by Colorado residents. Just because it is common does not make it right or acceptable.

Settlement reached in race discrimination case

It is a sad thing when the color of one's skin causes issues in the workplace, but it happens in Colorado and elsewhere. A woman in another state believed this was the reason for her employment contract not being renewed. As a result she filed a race discrimination complaint in her state in early 2015, and a formal lawsuit was filed the fall of that same year. A settlement was just reached in this case.

Age discrimination is not always easy to prove

There are many people in Colorado who may feel that, due their ages, they have been the victims of discrimination either in the workplace or during the hiring process. Age discrimination is a real problem, but it is not always easy to prove. This column will address things to know about age discrimination and what can be done if one is a victim.

Pregnancy-related employment discrimination is a real issue

Believe it or not, women in Colorado and all across the country face workplace discrimination while pregnant. This is not okay. No woman should have to fear employment discrimination because of her decision to have a child. Victims of pregnancy-related employment discrimination may have legal recourse.

Turner Broadcasting, CNN named in race discrimination lawsuit

Many Colorado residents may think that working for a well-known company is a great accomplishment. While this notion may be true in some cases, even employees at big companies could face mistreatment. It was recently reported that two men in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner due to race discrimination.

Race discrimination claims against Facebook lead to lawsuit

Discrimination can poison many opportunities for qualified individuals. Colorado residents may be interested in a case of race discrimination involving Facebook. Reports stated that a federal lawsuit was recently filed by two men, one of whom is still employed with the company. The African-American men believe that the company has participated in discriminatory acts that have affected their jobs.

Colorado residents may fear disability discrimination

Many individuals with special needs struggle with the stigma of being perceived as less qualified simply for having a disability. Even if a person does have a physical or mental disability that does not impact their ability to carry out certain duties, they may still be passed over for a job. In these cases, individuals may be the victims of disability discrimination.

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