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Overtime pay at center of Sprint wage and hour law suit

Colorado residents might be familiar with the phrase "time worked is time paid," but not everyone understands the sometimes complex nature of compensation. Sprint Corp. -- a popular phone service -- may have used that to its advantage. Earlier in 2017, Sprint settled a wage and hour law dispute with over 150 of its employees, and it is now dealing with a second lawsuit.

Wage and hour law dispute prompts Labor Department lawsuit

Employees who work more than 40 hours in a single week are usually owed overtime pay for their extra hours. However, wage and hour law in Colorado can be confusing, and some employers take advantage of that to deny workers their rightful pay, or to retaliate against them. An out-of-state woman is currently involved in a lawsuit against her former employer after she was fired for requesting overtime pay.

Why being a misclassified worker matters

Working for a company but not being classified as an employee can cause quite a few issues. Most people -- whether they reside in Colorado or elsewhere -- just want jobs, good jobs that offer a living wage and benefits. Unfortunately, some may find that they are hired as independent contractors rather than employees. Being a misclassified worker can mean not receiving all the benefits to which one believed he or she was entitled.

What is the state's current minimum wage law?

Numerous people across the country work for employers who start their salaries at minimum wage. Every state has different laws when it comes to how much minimum wage is. What does Colorado's current minimum wage law say? According to the the state's Department of Labor and Employment, as of Jan. 1, 2017, minimum wage was increased to $9.30 per hour. This is a .99 cent increase from the previous year. It may not seem like much, but this can make a big difference over time.

Man sues employer, claiming his job status was misclassified

In Colorado and elsewhere, how one's job status is classified can make a big impact on one's pay and ability to receive benefits. Recently, a man in another state has filed a class action lawsuit against his employer, United Van Lines, claiming that his employment status was misclassified. By having him listed as an independent contractor instead of a full-time employee, his income allegedly suffered and he had to cover many job-related expenses out of pocket.

Get help filing a wage and hour claim

There is a portion of Colorado residents who go to work just about every day, putting their time in and not getting fully compensated for it. What can someone in this position do? According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, one in such a position may file a wage and hour claim against his or her employer.

Wage and hour claim filed against popular restaurant

A popular restaurant in another state is being sued by current and former employees in a wage dispute. Unfortunately, what has happened to them is fairly common in the restaurant industry. A wage and hour claim can be filed by Colorado residents who have or are experiencing similar issues.

Back pay may be granted following a wage and hour claim

In Colorado and elsewhere, there are individuals who have not been fully compensated by their employers for their time spent on the job. These individuals have the right to file a wage and hour claim in court in an effort to seek compensation for their losses. In many cases, back pay may be awarded.

Some job requirements may violate minimum wage law in Colorado

Many individuals are wage-and-hour employees. This means that workers get paid an hourly wage rather than a yearly salary. Though this type of payment may seem convenient for getting compensated for time worked, there is also a chance that minimum wage law could be broken. In these cases, many workers may be cheated out of rightfully-earned wages. 

Wage and hour claim filed against Chipotle in Colorado

Many individuals may visit restaurants or other similar establishments and not give much thought to their servers or other workers. It is especially unlikely that the casual customer is concerned with whether the workers are being properly compensated for their work. Unfortunately, many workers do have such concerns, and in some cases, a wage and hour claim may be necessary to address wage violations.

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