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Colorado wrongful termination: The problem with social media

Social media is not going away. Many people in Colorado and elsewhere enjoy sharing the details of their lives online for their friends, family and strangers to see. It is their choice. Unfortunately, many employers now keep tabs on what their employees are posting, and this practice has led to a number of people being fired over the years. Is this a legal practice, or is it grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit?

Recently, a pregnant woman was fired from her job, allegedly over some photos of her shared online. She and her fiancé recently had had some photos taken that her employer found and believed inappropriate. The pictures were not posted on her personal social media page, but rather they were posted on the photographer's Facebook page.

The woman worked at a bank that claims to be a family-oriented business. She always believed that her work and home lives were separate, but supposedly her former employer disagreed. The company has not responded to the claims that these photos are the reason for this individual's firing.

Is this really a case of an employer finding the photos inappropriate? Is it a case of pregnancy-related discrimination? There are a number of issues that could be addressed here. If this woman believes that she is the victim of wrongful termination, she may seek the assistance of legal counsel in order to have her case reviewed and, if deemed appropriate, pursue legal claims in court. Those in Colorado who are facing similar situations may do the same.

Source:, "A pregnant woman was reportedly fired over her viral body-positive photo shoot", Emily DiNuzzo, Oct. 2, 2017

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