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A Colorado wage theft victim can file a wage and hour claim

Wage theft is a serious issue that affects many individuals in Colorado and across the country. Wage theft occurs when workers are not properly compensated for the services they perform, and this type of theft could take place under various conditions. Victims of such actions may wish to consider filing a wage and hour claim.

Employment contract negotiations may frustrate Colorado workers

It is not unusual for workers in Colorado and other states to work under a contract. Contracts may help both workers and employers better understand what is expected from each side as far as the terms of the employment. Unfortunately, disputes may arise when it comes to negotiating terms between employer and employee, especially when an employment contract has expired.

Wrongful termination may warrant legal action in Colorado

There are certain circumstances that could potentially lead to Colorado residents losing their jobs. In many cases, these situations are warranted, even though difficult on the workers themselves. However, there are instances in which individuals may be fired from their jobs and believe that the actions were unnecessary or even illegal. In such cases, affected parties may wish to file wrongful termination suits.

Race, national origin discrimination may cause issues in Colorado

Colorado residents may be interested in a discrimination case currently taking place in a different state. Reports indicated that several Muslim workers at an equipment company have filed claims due to religious and national origin discrimination in the workplace. The issues apparently surround the workers' ability to take prayer breaks in accordance with their religious beliefs.

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