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Non-compete clauses are a fact of everyday life in business today. An employer has a legitimate interest in ensuring that the special skills, abilities and knowledge gained as a benefit of working for the employer are not used against the employer. An employee has a legitimate interest in knowing that his or her personal efforts at professional development are portable throughout his or her career stops.

And both have a legitimate interest in gaining the most up to date and aggressive legal opinions with respect to the drafting, review and litigating of any non-compete agreement. At The Litigation Boutique, we provide all of our firm's clients with exactly these services. Whether you are an employee or an employer, we can provide you with a legal opinion regarding the terms of your non-compete agreement or legal representation in seeking or defending against preliminary or permanent injunctions.

Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

Colorado law with respect to non-compete agreements is extremely stringent and very particular. To meet these strict standards, we provide our clients with only highly qualified attorneys who are dedicated to providing rigorous legal services to our firm's clients.

With experience from representing non-compete clients across the spectrum, we can provide legal opinions that are responsive to the nuances of both employer and employee issues. As a result, we possess a command of the legal theories available in both defending and in challenging non-compete agreements.

Non-compete agreements receive more and more attention in the courts these days. Neither an employer nor an employee can afford to leave his or her non-compete agreements to chance. Until you have your non-compete agreement reviewed by an attorney from The Litigation Boutique, you should not sign the agreement or offer such an agreement to be signed by an employee.

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