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The Litigation Boutique LLC cultivates a team of legal professionals who are dedicated to exactly that title: professional. As true professionals, we understand that law is more than just a business. It is our clients' livelihoods, their reputations and their families. A court result is more than just another tick in the win-loss column of some hypothetical internal record book. It is our clients' very real lives.

As a result, our firm only recruits attorneys who have a demonstrated record of excellence. We hire attorneys who pursue challenging experiences and can do more than just endure a litigation-heavy practice; they must be seeking to dedicate their professional lives to developing a litigation-heavy practice. Our firm's clients seek out our firm because they want attorneys eager to apply their legal skills to complex and difficult cases. They depend on our firm to provide them with attorneys who want to be challenged and seek out success.

For detailed accounts of how each one of our attorneys has demonstrated his or her own commitment to the highest levels of professional achievement, individual biographies of each one of our firm's attorneys are available by clicking on the links below.

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